North Carolina Triad Chapter of Sisters in Crime

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How Do I become a Member?

First, join at the national level by visiting the website and clicking on the BECOME A MEMBER link at the very top of the page.

Next, we’d love to have you join our chapter, Murder We Write, the Sisters in Crime Chapter of the North Carolina Triad. Although most of our activities happen in High Point, we have members from Fayetteville to Asheville and Charlotte to Virginia. Not all of us are sisters, either. Nor do all of us write crime stories. Regardless of what kind of books or short stories you write — Crime, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Young Adult, Romance, Historicals, nonfiction — the information we share with you at every one of our programs will be useful to you.

Before every program, members get together over lunch from 12-1:30pm at a nearby restaurant where we enjoy sharing the latest publishing news, help plan upcoming programs, and discuss any chapter business. The lunch menu is varied, modestly priced and lets us pay our own tabs + tip.

Chapter dues are $16 per calendar year. You may pay

by PayPal
(you can Pay with Debit or Credit Card
without needing to create a PayPal account)    

Email you used to join SinC


or by check or money order,
(Pay to the order of SinC’s Murder We Write chapter)
in person at one of our programs
or by mail to:

Murder We Write, Treasurer
3681 Waterwheel Ct.
Greensboro, NC 27409

Either way, make sure you tell us the email address you used to join SinC national. Our Treasurer will verify your membership at, then confirm by email that your chapter payment was received and deposited. We look forward to welcoming you as a member of Sisters in Crime! Misters are welcome, too!